The Moore Fans 1000 is another class in our line of high efficiency axial flow fans.We have drawn upon our more than 75 years of aerodynamic design and innovation in large diameter fans (up to 34 feet) and applied these proven principles to smaller diameters. The result is the Class 1000, Series 10 in diameters from 24" to 48" and Series 16 in diameters from 36" to 60".

Following are some of the unique design features incorporated into this product:

• Supplied with 5052 marine alloy fan blades which have a high corrosion resistance in all environments including salt water

• High efficiency twisted and tapered blades to give a uniform air velocity over the entire length of the blade.

• Resilient blade mounting to virtually eliminate resonant frequencies and to drastically lower the stresses transmitted to the fan hub and drive system, extending the life of the fan and driving mechanism.

• Low weight reduces material and installation cost. Low weight also results in lower inertia reducing the possibility of damage to the fan and drive system during sudden stops.

• Blades available in 2, 3 and 4 for Series 10 and 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 for the Series 16 giving an exact match to the performance requirements.

• Manually adjustable blade angle in the field.

• Performance software including noise levels

Class 1000 Instructions and Dimensional Drawings Click Below

Class 1000 Installation instructions

Series 10 Right Hand Rotation

Series 10 Left Hand Rotation

Series 16 Right Hand Rotation

Series 16 Left Hand Rotation

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Class 1000 Series 10

Class 1000 Series 16