Designed for Applications on Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers, Cooling Towers and Radiators

Today, Moore Fans has some 300,000 fans in operation around the world. And with sales offices in North America and in Europe, Moore factory engineers and customer service representatives stand ready to help you analyze your air moving requirements, choose the right product, and provide reliable service and support, before and after the sale.

United States Patent# 8,851,851


The newest addition in our line of high efficiency aluminum fans is the Minimum Acoustic Geometry (MAG) Class 10000 fan. Available fans include diameters 5 ft. (1.52 M) to 16 ft. (4.88 M) in either clockwise (CW) rotation or counter-clockwise (CCW) rotation. Blade construction is of 5052 high grade marine alloy aluminum and has the same features as the other Class 10000 Heavy Duty fans including adjustable blade angle and diameter. Blades are designed with a smooth surface created using robotic spot welds and flush rivets resulting in low boundary layer separation. As in other proven Moore Fan designs through 75 years in the fan industry the blades are resiliently mounted allowing light weight construction, low inertia, low vibration and eliminating resonant frequencies. Blades are filled with a high density foam to further reduce noise levels. Performance and Sound Power Levels (PWL) are comparable to the lowest noise axial fans currently on the market but at a significantly reduced cost.