Moore Fans Anti Windmilling Device

Since 1940, Moore Fans has provided customers with high efficiency, high-quality Axial Flow Fans for industrial applications worldwide. Operating in air-cooled heat exchangers and cooling towers, Moore fans keep liquids cool in refineries, power plants, process plants, gas compressors and limitless other industrial settings. Today, Moore Fans has some 300,000 fans in operation around the world. Moore has sales offices in North America and in Europe, with factory engineers and customer service representatives ready to help you analyze your air moving requirements, choose the right product, and provide reliable service and support, before and after the sale.


•  Over 280 lb.ft (370 Nm) of Holding Torque

•  Temperature Range of -40° F to 212° F (-40° C to 100° C)

•  Easily Installs on the Fan Shaft

•  Low Profile Design

•  Maintenance Free

•  Available for shaft diameters up to 3 inches (76.2 mm)

•  Bushing adapters available for QD bushing sizes SF, E, F, and J

•  Max speed 600 RPM

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AirBrake® Shaft Mount Owners Manual

AirBrake® Bushing Mount Owners Manual

AirBrake® QDSF Bushing Mount Owners Manual