Moore Fans was the first

• To design and construct fabricated, stressed skin fans and blowers, combining optimum efficiency with low weight

• To utilize resiliently mounted blades to eliminate blade vibration and greatly reduce blade bending moments

• To develop and use a hysteresis-free continuously variable pitch hub, giving accurate automatic pitch control without a positioner

• To develop practical methods of controlled forming of metals with explosives

• To develop a fan specific for Engine Driven applications for gas compression in 1994

• To develop low noise "VT" blade tips in 1994. (Patent No. 5 564 901)

Moore Fans has continued to set industry standards using resiliently mounted blades with a number of product innovations:

• The Class 5000 stressed skin aluminum fan (1964)

• The Class 5000 ED fan for gas compression (1994)

• The Class 10000 HD fan for engine driven and large diameter fans (Patent No. 6 022191) (1999)

• The Class 10000 SD fan manual and automatic type for electric motor service (2002)

• The Class 1000 fans (2003)

• Minimum Acoustic Geometry (MAG) Class 10000 fan (United States Patent# 8,851,851)

Today, One Company has high-efficiency fans operating in air-cooled heat exchangers and cooling towers in more than 100 countries across the globe.

One Company has been committed to providing customers with the highest quality products and service for more than 75 years.

One Company has led the way in technical innovation, including the first-ever resiliently-mounted blade design.

That company is Moore Fans LLC

Product Improvement

Moore Fans Test Facilities

Today, our quest for perfection continues as Moore Fans engineers are constantly working to design a more efficient product. Engineering and test facilities include an outdoor air cooler with a 14 ft (4300 mm) fan ring and a (7.3 m) /34 ft. (10.37 m) test facility. Moore's 13 ft. (3.96 m) indoor computer-instrumented test facility/reverberation room utilizing custom-designed control and measurement software that measures all fan performance characteristics quickly and accurately, including pressure, flow, shaft power and noise level. The Moore reverberation room is qualified to ISO3743: 1988 (E). At Moore Fans, every new design is developed using the latest software design tools and verified with computer monitored destructive and non-destructive test methods. In the past two decades, investments in facility upgrades have demonstrated Moore's commitment to innovation, product quality and process efficiency. Today, virtually every component in our Class 10000 fan is manufactured on automated machinery.

Blade Braking and Forming

Precision-Made Parts