The following resources are available from Moore at no cost and are available for downloading below.

Anyone responsible for selecting or operating industrial axial flow fans needs some basic knowledge of fan design and utilization in order to make optimum decisions. Moore has prepared a number of short technical articles, one printed page or less, covering these basic subjects. We hope you will find these "Tech NOTES" helpful. For more in-depth information, select see “Engineering Papers” section below.


  1. HOW TO RECOGNIZE A HIGH-EFFICIENCY FAN Describes the complex blade shape necessary to provide uniform flow, the most important requirement of a fan wheel.
  2. WHY MOORE FANS HAVE TWO HUBS Explains the considerable difference between the aerodynamic and structural requirements of a fan hub.
  3. METHODS FOR MODULATING AIRFLOW Compares the three common methods for reducing airflow as conditions permit, to reduce power use and lower noise level.
  4. HOW TO SELECT A LOW-NOISE FAN Noise level calculation formulae indicate performance considerations for reducing noise and other means of lowering noise are discussed.
  5. THE ADVANTAGES OF RESILIENT "HELICOPTER" BLADES Discussion of the reduction of stress and the avoidance of critical speeds using variable-speed motors.