A Legacy of Innovation

Since 1940, we have provided our customers with high-efficiency, quality axial flow fans for industrial applications worldwide. Since we began, we have always looked to new and better ways to make our fans ever more efficient. Along the way, we designed the first fabricated stressed skin fan, the first fan with resiliently mounted blades, and the first ultra-low noise engine-driven fan.

Today, more than 400,000 of our fans are operating in air-cooled heat exchangers, cooling towers and radiators. They are keeping fluids cool in refineries, power plants, processing plants, gas compressors and in dozens of other applications around the world. Moore Fans is developing the most efficient fan blades on the market and is committed to continuing that legacy into the future.

Moore Fans has been providing Air Flow Solutions since 1940
True Partners

When you face engineering challenges that require air handling solutions, rely on Moore Fans as your strategic partner in air flow.

We’re at our best when working as an extended member of your team. We’ll be there with you from the beginning of your project, working to integrate custom solutions directly into your engineering plans. We take your challenges as our own, spending time to truly understand the issues, and devote undivided attention to solving the problem – whatever it takes.

Moore Fans experts use the newest technology to keep air flow design at the heart of all Moore Fans
The Customer Service team is all about customer satisfaction
A member of the manufacturing team assembling an element of a Moore Fan
Precision is the key for every step in building a Moore Fan product
Moore Fans employee providing personal service for a customer order
Moore Fans welding operator keeps the unit running perfectly
Assembly process of hubs and blades
Meet the Moore Fans Team

As your partner in air flow solutions, know that we’re always at your service. Our experts are here to collaborate with you. Need service or support? One call and we are there. Our team is part of your team.

Moore Fans Team
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As your partner in air flow solutions, we’re always at your service. Whether you are facing a new air movement challenge or need service and support, our experts are here to collaborate with you. Our team is part of your team.

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